FISSO Strato Line Model: M-28 F + G - With Granite Base - 3D articulated gauging arm

By FISSO M-28.40

About This Product

The FISSO (Swiss Made) Strato Line is the modern series with red anodized arm sections made of high-quality light alloy. Equipped with a zero-play microfine adjustment (F) with a combined holder for dial gauges and DTI's.

Strato M-28 - The large Strato model additionally features steplessly adjustable pre-tensioning to protect the instrument.

FISSO Strato Line Model: M-28 F + G - With Sliding Granite Base

FISSO Ref: M-28.40

Overall height: 385 mm
Radius of movement: 280 mm
Base size: 150 x 120 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight: 2.900 kg

(Excluding dial gauge or DTI instrument !)

Delivery: 1 week approx. unless in Stock

MAPRA Technik are Official agents for FISSO - Baitella AG of Switzerland.

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