FISSO Strato µ-Line Precision Model: A-33 P + G - With Granite Base - 3D gauging arm

By FISSO AP-33.20

About This Product

The FISSO (Swiss Made) Strato µ-Line is an expansion of the Strato Line for areas requiring extremely high precision. The articulated red anodized arm stands out due its well-dimensioned components, very high stability and accuracy. The precision fine adjustment (P) with excellent ease of setting and high repetitive accuracy makes the unit well suited for measurements in the micron  µ region.

Strato µ-Line A-33 - The largest Strato µ-Line model. For high precision of measurements in the micron region. Features steplessly adjustable pre-tensioning to protect the instrument.

FISSO Strato Line Model: A-33 P + G - With Sliding Granite Base

FISSO Ref: AP-33.20

Overall height: 438 mm
Radius of movement: 330 mm
Base size: 150 x 120 x 50 x 50 mm
Weight: 2.946 kg

(Excluding dial gauge or DTI instrument !)

Delivery: 1 week approx. unless in Stock

MAPRA Technik are Official agents for FISSO - Baitella AG of Switzerland.

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