FISSO Base Line Model: LS30 F + M - Gauging arm with Switch Magnet

By FISSO LS30.10

About This Product

The FISSO (Swiss Made) Base Line models are simple, practical solutions with a high degree of stability. They feature strong clamping with robust aluminium clamping jaws. An additional joint for fine adjustment as well as precise microfine adjustment (F) with a combination holder for dial gauges and probes with dovetails.

FISSO Base Line Model: LS30 F + M - With Switch Magnet

FISSO Ref: LS30.10

With Switch Magnet (M)
Overall height: 367 mm
Horizontal Arm: 10 mm dia. x 106 mm Length
Vertical Arm: 12 mm dia. x 156 mm Length
Base size: 60 x 50 x 55 mm
Holding strength approx. 800 N
Weight: 1.660 kg

(Excluding dial gauge or DTI instrument !)

Delivery: 1 week approx. unless in Stock

MAPRA Technik are Official agents for FISSO - Baitella AG of Switzerland.

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