BAREISS Test Stand BS61-II - For SHORE A & SHORE D durometers

By BAREISS FM00029-1

About This Product

BAREISS Test Stand BS61-II - For SHORE A & SHORE D* durometers

BAREISS Ref: fm00029-1

Test Stand BS 61-II including loading device of 1 kg For SHORE A/B/O tests *.

Complete with dust proof cover

*For SHORE D range tests with a SHORE D durometer please ADD Item: "Additional loading weight fm00030 for SHORE D". This is required for SHORE D range tests !!

**Durometer not included !**

MAPRA Technik are the Exclusive agents in the U.K. and Ireland for BAREISS GmbH of Germany.

Only available from MAPRA to customers in U.K. and Ireland

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